Cadence Music

I have two major pastimes, cycling and music. I cycle I listen to music I cycle and listen to music I know there are many arguments against listening to music while riding a bike, but that debate is for another platform. The cadence of cycling for me is usually around 90-100 revolutions per minute. For … Continue reading Cadence Music


A Winter Ride

A planned Winter ride. Out, head to the wind. Back, wind sailing home. Coffee pushes for the first thirty minutes, forcing two unplanned stops. The gradient continues as the gust is unforgiving. Take the first turn for 20 miles, to the right, thundering down the potholed road, break from the wind at last. Over the … Continue reading A Winter Ride

The Transatlantic Way and my obsession with all things ultra.

Having followed the Transcontinental bike race for a few years, and watching/ reading/ hearing about the recent upsurge in ultra distance / bikepacking races, my urge to race has been growing as much as a Hardknott Pass. I had never heard about the Transcontinental, until a few years ago I read an article somewhere online … Continue reading The Transatlantic Way and my obsession with all things ultra.