An Idea, No Idea (Part 1)

Coming up to 2 years ago now, I found myself in New Zealand, sitting on a hostel bed after spending 4 days in Christchurch exploring (but mostly recovering from jet-lag).

In December 2014 I found myself here. 2 months previous to that I finished university, worked in a bike shop and was applying for dead end jobs as none of the ‘graduate schemes’ for big corporate companies appealed to me. Something had to change, I was not happy.

Within a few days on a dank November day, I ordered a Working Holiday Visa and a one way ticket to Christchurch, New Zealand. These were the only 2 things I planned.

Back to the hostel bed, I was in a country with endless possibilities, but was somehow tied to Christchurch and the hostel by not knowing what or where I was going next.

Seeing many flyers around, I booked a week long trip aboard a bus with other 20 something wanderers. While I made a few good friends and partook in some awesome activities, I still felt an unsatisfied lust to actually get outside and feel the country for myself. The bus windows constricted me and after seeing the hills, the roads and the lakes, I knew I had to acquire a bicycle.

On Boxing Day 2014, I travelled to Kaikoura where I had secured myself a job working on a farm for a bed and food and a few extra pennies. A little time spent here would help me save enough money to purchase a bicycle. Before I got on the saddle, even before I had the bicycle, I worked on a animal visitor farm, for a month, going there with no clue of what was in store for me…



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